About Joshua Sharlin, PhD

  • Broad experience as an FDA regulatory expert witness, my cases include:
    •  Death or injury caused by drugs, biologics or medical devices
    • Patents
    • Insurance claims
    • Wrongful termination
    • Trade secrets
    • Product Labeling
    • Merger and acquisition
  • My skills includebiological scientist, statistician, software developer, data integrity specialist, technical writer, educator, and FDA regulatory expert

  • Talented technical writer, my writing experience includes
    • Expert reports, scientific publications, audit reports for FDA compliance, standard operating procedures, FDA submissions, responses to questions from FDA
  • Write custom software for data mining of safety information from FDA’s adverse event databases
    • I extract far more information from these databases than is possible using FDA’s interface
  • Vast teaching experience allows me to present complex information in plain words to a judge and jury
    • Over 50,000 people from more than a thousand FDA regulated companies have paid to hear my presentations

Sharlin Consulting

Joshua Sharlin, PhD


Cell: 410-231-8900

(Washington, D.C.)